These data sets are simplifications of the formal statistical areas and regions published by the ABS in 2016.


Simple features data frame with


Area name


Geometry column in 'sfc' format


Each layer was read from the source file with 'sf' package and attributes were removed, leaving a single 'NAME' column from the year-specific column names. The geometry has been simplified using 'rmapshaper::ms_simplify' with default arguments (0.05 detail).

Several layers are not included from the total available.

The entire nation layer 'AUST' is not included as it is the union of the State and Territory layer.

Statistical Areas Level 1 is not included as it is very large (56Mb after simplification).

The mesh blocks are not included, nor Greater Capital City Statistical Areas, Indigenous Regions, Remoteness Structure, Statistical Areas (L2, L3, L4), State Electoral Divisions. See '' for these.

Data layers


Commonwealth Electoral Divisions


Local Government Areas


State and Territory

See also

The script to create the data set: data-raw/abs-inbuilt.R


ozmap("abs_lga", col = sample(rainbow(nrow(abs_lga), alpha = .4)))
pal <- rainbow(12, alpha = 0.6) ## boring! install paletteer for ochRe palettes if (isTRUE(requireNamespace("paletteer", quietly = TRUE))) { if (utils::packageVersion("paletteer") < '1.0.0') { pal <- paletteer::paletteer_d(package = "ochRe", palette = "namatjira_qual") } else { pal <- paletteer::paletteer_d(palette = "ochRe::namatjira_qual") } } opal <- colorRampPalette(pal) ozmap("abs_ced", col = opal(30))